LEGO Cable Car in LDCad

LEGO Cable Car in LDCad
Hey All,

recently I started browsing trough this forum and concluded that here would an excellent place to tell (and get some feedback) about my project I've been working on. 

So what I try to do is to build a cable car of the model funitel, this is a cable car with one cable looped twice, so each gondola has two cables where it 

I started this project digitally in LDD but soon became I limited by the grouping of parts and making of modules. Since this project has a lot of repetition, modularity is a must. I started with setting modules in separate LDD files be this became cumbersome and created merge issues and so forth. Therefore I converted all files into LDR files with one file for each module, allowing for easy reuse. 

The current status of this project is that it for 80% complete (I guess). There are 18000+ parts used, grouped into 89 unique modules. The use of LDCad allows me to easily swap between files and work quickly between the modules. Also, I (mis-)use the pneumatic hoses as cable to complete the picture. 

my to do list:
- I'm working on getting some animation done, I hope to get everything animated but that will take a while. 
- Finishing the valley station as only a skeleton build now
- Adding an environment, (forest and ski slopes) and some architectural designs.

Finally a render of all described above: 

[Image: CableCarAtNight.jpg]
POV-ray export from LDCad 1.6, I removed the default lighting and added lights as part of an one-stud part I placed on places in the model where I wanted a light.
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