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light.dat update

RE: light.dat update
(2017-02-11, 14:08)Steffen Wrote: Hi,

light.dat is a special file inside our \PARTS folder for placing a light source.
In later steps, for example rendering, these can be replaced by light sources.

Historically, that file was POV-Ray specific.
I removed that because light sources can be used anywhere, e.g. in Blender etc.

While being at it, I replaced the previous implementation (6 edges mimicing light rays)
by 2 spheres and more light rays:


If you do not like that change, we can abandon it.
However, I wanted to drop it onto the PT to let you see it and get your comments on how useful that would be.


I saved the file to my desktop and could not see anything when opening the file in LDView or MLCAD. There seems to be nothing inside the file except comments.

Also, in POV-Ray you really need a "point_at" statement to go with a light source. This is important when using spotlights or even parallel lights.


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