Multiple LGEO parts libraries

RE: Multiple LGEO parts libraries
(2016-09-03, 23:34)Michael Horvath Wrote: I'm looking through some old files and am confused about all the different LGEO parts libraries. I have the following subdirectories in my LGEO folder, which may or may not be standard (if there is a standard).

ar            Anton Raves?
lg            Lutz Uhlmann?

Do any of them look familiar to you? What order do I include them in my POV-Ray INI file library paths?

This would make a good tutorial subject assuming we can figure it out.

My library is an update of the official one, and the owen one. It should be copied in the lg folder after those two because it is overwrting some parts already existing.

You should install, the lg one first, then copy owen's one, and finally mine with the lg and stl folder. Make sure you always copy lg parts in the same lg folder or it will not overwrite files.

My library is still WIP, that is why it is not included yet in the AIOI. I need to wotk on it but have not enough time right now.
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