[LDPatternCreator] Release 1.6.2 (Primitive Fix)

RE: [LDPatternCreator] Release 1.6.2 (Primitive Fix)

I perfectly know that your focus is on LDPE and the wiki but since I'm doing mostly pattern these days and LDPC is far better than LDPE when it comes down to draw a pattern I'd like to once again stress on some of the issues - in case you're looking for distraction from coding LDPE :-)

* As a user I wish my settings for the show/hidden settings for the grid, the color bar as well as background and view floating window are saved permanently in order to not having to turn it on/off every time I start the prog
* As a user I wish the position of the background and view windows are saved so that they do not pile up in the top, left-hand corner at launch
* As a user I'd like to hide/unhide primitives
* As a user I'd like select multiple primitives (say, disc+ndis) for copy'n'paste
* As a user I wish I had not to create and merge a vertex with vertices of imported .dat files in order to create a triangle where imported and new vertices are the basic structure for my pattern.
* As a user I'd like that vertices of templates behave like normal vertices when it comes down to use them as waypoint for my triangles (basically speaking templates currently behave like imported .dats
* As a user I'd like to have copy/paste icons also for the x,y lines only in the Vertex-Data box in order to quickly copy just to the x box of the newly selected vertex
* Drawing a curve, it would be useful if I could define the number of vertices right from the start and change the number also once the end point is set. This is most true in those cases where you draw more sections and the number of vertices gets stored in between. This is even more annoying when you finish with say 2 or 3 vertices only and start a new curve - you simply lack accuracy
* As a user I wish I could set the snap via toolbar buttons instead of the cryptic (1/1000 LDU). At least for 1, 10, 100, 1000.
* As a user I wish the end point would be set when creating a spline after aborting the last section (where the first point is identical with the last point of the previous section).
* Finally, as a user I wish I could manipulate help lines

Thanks, w.
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