LPub3D 2.0 - "Failed to create CSI" - Empty PDF

LPub3D 2.0 - "Failed to create CSI" - Empty PDF
I've installed LPub3D version and I'm attempting to generate a PDF. The PDF that is generated is empty. The behaviour I am encountering is;
(a) after trying to generate every page, it displays a dialog window titled "LPub3D" containing the message "Failed to create CSI".
(b) said dialog window is actually hidden under the "Print pdf" dialog window. You can't ALT-TAB to the dialog window in (a) nor can you actually see it unless you cunningly move the "Print pdf" dialog window. I say "cunning" because there is a limited time window when you can move the "Print pdf" window. Once dialog window (a) is displayed, it is too late to move dialog window (b). But, unfortunately, dialog window (a) is displayed underneath dialog window (b) and can't actually be seen!

I've attached a screenshot to try to illustrate what is occurring.


Two questions;
a) any suggestions as to what might be causing the "Failed to create CSI" dialog window and
b) can you somehow make the "Failed to create CSI" dialog appear on top of the "Print pdf"dialog so at least it can be seen.


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