Thinking about LDCad 2.0 and open sourcing it

RE: Thinking about LDCad 2.0 and open sourcing it
(2016-07-15, 16:27)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-07-14, 17:06)Darren Carlson Wrote: My point is that I suspect over time you're going to see a considerable increase in the usage of your tool. Moving it to open source without clearly restricting commercial use and/or benefit could definitely result in some 'enterprising' individual to scoop up all your hard work and make dollars off of it in the manner that Redhat did with Linux. 

There is going to be a growing need for an LDD replacement and someone is going to fill it. I'd love for it to be this tool which I think is the best of the bunch available.
I don't think something that dramatic will happen as LDraw is a very small community.

As for LDD I did notice an increase in traffic of LDCad downloads around the time LDD's future was very unclear but nothing my basic hosting package couldn't handle.

Also LDD/LDraw people seem to be very set in their ways so a editor switch usually takes a very big push to happen Smile

I'd agree. There are a lot of people using LDD simply because it's very very similar to building with bricks in the real world. That does present some design limitations but personally I find that interface kind of frustrating because it's designed to be so 'easy' for a beginner. Oh well. Each to their own.
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