Thinking about LDCad 2.0 and open sourcing it

Thinking about LDCad 2.0 and open sourcing it
Hi all,

Currently I haven't much time to work on LDCad 1.6 but I can't help thinking about the next next version which might be 2.0.

This would also be the perfect moment to go open source.

I consider switching to JAVA or PYTHON but I think both are too slow and JAVA is also a bit messy imho.

So it probably be C++(11) again. If so it will reuse large chunks of the current 1.6 code but in a reworked state.

If I go open source I would also need to select a License (I would like to keep it non commercial only)., this is the thing I'm looking up to the most so if anyone has some pointers on that

Also I'm wondering if there are people who would be interested to help development by taking up e.g. the mac version dependencies etc.

One major improvement planned would be the rendering of the gui (I want to go full OpenGL with this, even for dialogs) and I also want it be multilingual.

An actual usable 2.0 will probably take more then a year to make after actually starting it, so I might do a parallel 1.7

Any thoughts / feedback on this?
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