LPub3D, LDGlite and LDView changes layout

RE: LPub3D, LDGlite and LDView changes layout
(2016-05-13, 2:26)Brian Wrote: Or, does anyone know how I can speed up LDView rendering? In many cases the main assembly simply disappears in LDGlite, and LDView takes significantly longer to render every page regardless of if anything has changed. Thanks.

I provided a suggestion that could hopefully be used to make LPub3D's usage of LDView faster, so it's possible that a future LPub3D release will do that. However, LDView's design means that it is never going to be as fast as ldglite at rendering images from the command line. LDView spends more time during model loading to optimize things for interactive display performance, and this means that loading the model takes longer. When all you are going to do is take a single snapshot of the model, this is far from ideal, but it's not something that's going to change.
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