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Just to add some info for anyone who happens across this thread:

1. LPub3D is one quirky, buggy piece of software.  Despite this, it is usable and there's no alternative anyway so...

2. The rotation viewer has two different rotation tools.  One rotates the camera, and the other rotates the actual step (hover you mouse over each to see which is which).  After you've rotated your part with the rotation viewer, click the insert ROTSTEP icon to insert the step. NOTE: the graphic showing the part rotate in the rotator does NOT reflect the actual final rotation of the part.  When using graphic rotation, pay attention to how many degrees it's showing that it's moving.  You'll get a feel for how you want it to move.   

3. The LPub user interface does in no way replace editing the markup code.  If you don't learn how to edit the tags directly, you'll probably quickly run into trouble.

4. When LPub crashes (yes, when)  it often doesn't crash all the way.  Don't close the dialog box, go back to the program and immediately save any changes.  Clear the cache and continue working, it should keep going.

5. Are you trying to click and highlight a step, but it just keeps refreshing and redrawing without highlighting it?  Time to clear the cache.

6. For some reason, dragging a step's image to where you want on a page just doesn't work.  Drag your call-out to where you want it relative to the step image (make sure the step with the call-out isn't already on a page with another step, cause it won't move then) , and then use right click -> move step to move the step (center, upper right, etc..).  It's weird, I know.  Strangely, dragging does in fact work in other situations. 

7. Make sure your model was placed correctly relative to the grid in your design software.  If it's not, and the part's faces end up in between two axis you'll hate yourself.

8. Sub-models.  Make every assembly you can into a sub-model.  The last model I built had approximately 70 sub-models.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, this software is very quirky.  It will make you mad before you get the hang of it.  I more than once almost wrote it off as unusable before finally coming up with a workflow that worked.  I've just completed a 150 page manual, so it is usable.

Also, I'm using version 1.2.3 the program on Windows 10.
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