[LDPartEditor] 0.8.6 Beta Released

[LDPartEditor] 0.8.6 Beta Released
Hey! Smile

Well, it's a small number increase from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6, but there are a lot of improvements with this release.

[Image: imgDuke2.png]
As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

Currently, there is a critical bug in version 0.8.6 (risk of data loss):
If you open a file again (which is modified with LDPE, not saved and has an asterisk * as a filename suffix), the file in 3D editor gets cleared.

(9 new features and 11 bug fixes)

With this release you will be able to...
  • ...customise the layout of the 3D editor toolbars by placing one of the "layout_3D_editor.cfg" files in the application folder. You find two different layouts in the attached archive "layouts.zip". The new modern version could improve your workflow Wink
  • ...zoom in/out on the primitive area with two new buttons (-) and (+) (instead of using Ctrl+Mousewheel)
  • ...use "Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete" in the right-click contextual menu from the text and 3D editor
  • ...browse in the last visited folder if you open a file dialog again.
  • ...select something and move it into a subfile (with a click on the old "Add Subfile" button), supports cut and copy Smile
  • ...draw to the cursor position from the text editor (there is a button on the 3D editor, to enable this behaviour).
  • ...use two new buttons ("Save Part" and "Save Part As...") in the 3D editor.
  • ...use a new "Switch BFC" button in the text editor.
  • ...reset the snapping/grid values to the default value with a right click on the corresponding "coarse", "middle" or "fine" button.

The following critical issues were fixed:
  1. Creating a new *.dat (Text Editor) did not rebuild the hints/warning/errors tree.
  2. Java heap space problems on 32bit machines
  3. "Merge / Split => Transform / Rotate / Scale" was able to break the 3D model triangulation.
  4. "Merge/Split => Rotate Selection" did not rotate around Z axis
  5. "Open *.dat File" did not rebuilt the text editor tab, if the same file was saved before.
  6. Copy->Paste->Mirror, mirrored the initial copy.
  7. The hide/show state was deleted on undo/redo.
  8. "Save as..." did not update the <"0 Name: "> (and type) entry accordingly.
  9. The "Select Touching" implementation was not correct. It selected too much.
  10. Focus issues: A click on a button in the 3D editor removed the focus from the 3D view
  11. A small memory leak (<1KB)

The program was tested intensively with "real world" files.
However, it is still a beta version and something can go wrong in about 100.000 lines of code.

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