LPub3D, BufferExchange with CallOut

Re: LPub3D, BufferExchange with CallOut
Hi Lutz,

The anwer to the second part of your post is to set the color of the callout border to another color then black.
The color of the line and the arrow pointing from the callout to the model is the same as the border color of the callout.
So, changing the callout border color to a yellowish color like the background of the callout, the line and arrow will be drawn in that color too.

The first part is a bit more complicated and can be done by using a buffer exchange on one of the instances of the whole boogie submodel to make it "float" and create an arrow pointing from the pin to a hole in the bottom of the carriage.
To get the callout to count to make the boogie twice, ignore instance in the buffer exchange (you have to do that in the next step too where the boogie is in place) and "clone" the boogie in place so that there are two instances of the same submodel in the same place. This is a bit cheating, but should work.
Jaco van der Molen
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