LPub3D rendering with POV-Ray ... INI error

Re: LPub3D rendering with POV-Ray ... INI error
Hi Damien,

Thanks for the reply. I'm now able to get LPub3D to render with POV-Ray by doing the following:
  • Parse the L3P command options and remove -lgeo, OR find a copy of the old lg_colors and lg_materials files.
  • Parse the POV command options and add quotes around the +O file path via regex, OR manually remove spaces from all file names and all internal names in the model file.

I suspect the L3P aspect ratio error was a result of the POV parse failing (on an output file name with spaces) before the Height and Width options were parsed. Without Height and Width, POV uses the INI defined aspect ratio, and that ratio did not match the L3P ratio.

To parse the L3P or POV command options, I wrote two small programs that grab the command options, alter them, and then start L3P or POV with the altered options.

However, I still have a question for anyone who might know... The image dimensions LPub3D sends to POV are much larger than the final PNG in the /parts and /assem directories. I can get around this last issue by automating a trim action on the entire folder with Photoshop, but i'm wondering what is going on.

... Is LPub3D trimming the excess transparent pixels with an additional process?

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