Leading or trailing white space characters in file names

Re: Leading or trailing white space characters in file names
Travis Cobbs Wrote:In addition to the above, I also feel we should codify MLCad's behavior, since it appears to be the de-facto standard. This can be done by adding the following sentence to the end of that paragraph in the spec:

Proposed LDraw Specification Addition Wrote:Furthermore, filenames must not contain leading or trailing white space characters.

I strongly support codifying a restriction against leading and trailing whitespace for Line Type 1 file references. Leading whitespace is technically impossible without breaking backward compatibility. Trailing whitespace is technically possible, but the de facto standard behavior of parsers is to ignore it. Unfortunately, that is tribal knowledge. I think it needs to be in the spec.

I oppose mandating any restrictions on freestanding files (unreferenced by any Type 1 lines). This is because users have name control outside of LDraw software, so they can easily create filenames using any characters or arrangements permissible on the filesystem. I think it would be weird to mandate that an editor reject files for any reason other than an internal syntax error.

I happily support any non-binding warnings in the spec advising against doing such a thing for freestanding files due to the impossibility of eventually referencing them in another file. Editor authors would then be free to convey that warning to users as well. I just think it inadvisable to mandate it.

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