10179 UCS Millennium Falcon [Star Wars]

10179 UCS Millennium Falcon [Star Wars]
10179 UCS Millenium Falcon [Star Wars]

[Image: 10179_UCS_Millenium_Falcon.jpg]

Download MPD-file (not OMR compliant)

OMR compliant mpd-file created by Philippe Hurbain

[Image: 10179_Minifigs_Stand.jpg]

OMR compliant mpd-file containing display and minifigs

Done with LDCad 1.4b (Win XP) and 1.5 Beta 1 (Win 10)

Hopefully there are only the following errors:
- LEGO Dish Inverted Ø80 (10 x 10) with Decoration #59240 replaced by #50990
- No display
- No minfigs Minifigs included as good as possible. Patterned parts are not fully correct.
- No stickers
- A few connections are not tight. They do not snap accurately. Due to the tolerance you can make these connections snap easily in real life. But unfortunately the virtual model is extremely rigid. So I had to optimise these connections as good as possible.

According to the instructions there are 96 main steps and around 800 sub steps. The mpd-file contains 191 submodels.

Bendend version of 47996 Lattice 3X28M: I modified the official LDraw file 47990 to create the bended version. The mpd-file directly contains all required files.
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