[Bricksmith] More feature requests

Re: [Bricksmith] More feature requests
Orion Pobursky Wrote:
> - I like show/hide but it only works if the actual
> parts are selected. Request that if a step is
> selected, all the parts in that step are
> hidden/shown

I keep forgetting to do anything about this.

> - I like pinch to zoom but for some reason it
> sometimes switches the viewport to the 3D view
> while I am pinching.

This happens because the trackpad supports simultaneous zoom and rotation, and your zoom gesture has a few stray rotate events in it. I automatically switch to perspective when rotation happens; if you produce perfectly pure zooms, you will stay in orthographic.

I think this is a fixable bug; I can lock into zooms when the view is orthographic.

> - OMR stuff for the file header.

My header handling is really out of date. I seem to recall that MLCad was pretty insistent with its (not useful) header info, so I just copied that.

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