A question of priorities...

suggestion: let's create a parts wishlist which allows users to vote
All work on the PT is volunteer work in everybody's spare time.
All progress on the PT is purely driven by love to certain parts.
So all attempts to stop people from working on certain parts
and instead assign them something else must be avoided under all circumstances.
I myself would be immediately leaving the PT in that case.

However, what we could establish could be some "parts wishlist",
where users can vote on how badly they miss a certain part.
We could think of 1 vote per user per part, but that would not allow a user
to sort his own priorities. So maybe an approach where a user has e.g. 10 votes free,
and he can spread them over 1 to 10 parts as he/she likes
(e.g.: 5 votes for the most badly wanted part, and spreading the 5 remaining ones over 5 other parts).

Sorting that list then by votes can give people looking for parts where to work on
a hint which ones would be desired the most.

Always keep in mind that that list will only be a suggestion! And nobody must ever
be forced to use it! This is an important thing to never forget.
The freedom of parts authors on which parts they want to work
is the heart resource of the whole PT and must not be spoiled.
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