A question of priorities...

Re: A question of priorities...
Actually, I agree with your sentiment. Having used LDraw for a number of years now and authored some missing tiled parts for personal use, I often wonder why official versions of said parts, as well as various hairpieces, etc are still in limbo, while Bionicle and Fabuland stuff keeps appearing in my updates.

Non-LDraw FOLs tend to be savvy with the oddball parts, since they can easily position them in real life. As for the CAD peeps like us, where angles require an awful lot of nudging and helpers, I personally feel that regular LEGO system parts should be prioritized.

That said, I know that Philo has done some neat work on using Mindstorms NXT to 3D laser scan difficult LEGO parts, as well as some basic post processing (excluding primitives). One of these days I should chip in and contribute some scanned parts too.
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