Part annotation in LPub3D

Re: Part annotation in LPub3D
Not unreasonably, it looks like it will stop after it has found the first matching regular expression.

So for example, if you add the definition:

Technic: ^Technic Brick\s+\d+\s+.*with Axle.*$

before the definition

Technic: ^Technic Brick\s+\d+\s+[xX]\s+(\d+\s*(x*|X*)\s*\d*\.*\d*)\s*.*$

The Technic Brick with axlehole is not augmented with the length while the other Technic bricks are.

I think the key to what it output is whatever is within the (first?) set of parenthesis. Hence, as the first definition has no parenthesis, it outputs nothing as the annotation title.

I'd imagine that an appropriate definition could be created for small length Technic bricks to not output their length in the annotation.


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