problem when inlining conditional lines

problem when inlining conditional lines
i recently ran into problems with conditional lines from inlined subfiles, it seems to me that the control points get damaged. i discoverd this when i was inlining c-lines from the minifig head 3626b.dat file.

to reproduce, do the following steps:
1.take original head without inner part s\3626bs02.dat (or use attached file "head.dat")
2. view it with ldview, all c-lines are correct (-> screenshot 1)
3. select all subfiles within "head.dat", and inline them (i used lddp 2.0.4)
4. save, and view it again in ldview
5. notice that the conditional lines are not displayed as they should (-> screenshot 2)

here are two screenshots, taken by this steps and viewed from same angle.

using subfiles:
[Image: 01_head_with_subfiles.png]

inlined subfiles:
[Image: 02_head_inlined.png]

after that, i tried to inline the subfiles with other tools (like slicer pro, edger2, ...), but the result was the same for me, all lines were there, but displayed not correctly.

am i doing something wrong, or can anyone confirm this behavior?

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