Lower-casing the library

Re: Lower-casing the library
Sylvain Sauvage Wrote:LDView:
Tries all-lower, then all-upper, then as-is, then fails.
The filenames include the paths. So if the files are somewhere like ~/Documents/LDraw/…, only the as-is versions could be found. A lot of LDraw official parts wouldn’t because of the internal mess of the library.
Sum-up: trivially fails.

LDView's file case handling is platform-specific. The Qt version should support any file case (unless the implementation is buggy), is written using Qt filesystem classes, and is slow. The Qt code is in ModelViewerWidget:ConfusedtaticFileCaseCallback(). The other versions (including the OSMesa version) don't properly support arbitrary case on a case-sensitive file system.
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