Thoughts on part (shadow) editing directly in LDCad

Thoughts on part (shadow) editing directly in LDCad
Hi all,

I'm (finally) nearing the end of implementing file reloading in LDCad 1.5 which leaves only one major 1.5 feature to add; namely editing shadow (part snapping) information.

This means I'm basically adding a (very basic) part editing mode to the main editor. I don't want to go full part editing support with LDCad (as LDPartEditor and others are much better at it) but I'm open to suggestions on part reviewing options etc.

so if anyone has some ideas on this, feel free to let me know as I'm still in the planing stage of this feature meaning everything is fair game Smile

screen shot of a part being edited in the current editor (it's readonly and a bit of hack still though).

Some notes:
Part editing will only be available after enabling an 'advanced' option.
The shadow source and the part's source are shown joined as that is the way they are loaded/compiled internally. I'll add some separation line or something though.
Visualization of the snap data is the temporary one (available through F11 in the alpha's) and will be replaced by nicer / interactive ones.

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