Using Blender to rendering LDraw model

Using Blender to rendering LDraw model

I found a program named Blender today and it's free like POV-RAY.

It looks like having very powerful rendering and animation capability.

Here are the homepage that can download the program, and

little bit old version tutorial, and a video tutorials.

Is there anybody who have used this program to render LDraw model?

I saw the video tutorial part 2 and he recommend to use LeoCAD to convert model to 3DS format, but

then it should drop by v2.49 of Blender for latest version Blender because of unknown reason.

If I would use LDview to export 3DS file, the latest version of Blender could read my model correctly?

In case the model contain only one simple brick, Blender can read, but when I convert my another model 21005 fallingwater,

Blender didn't answer, just showing sandglass.

I have no idea and newbie using Blender, and any comment will be very helpful.

Thanks for reading. Smile

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