The Bricksperience

The Bricksperience
Hello LDraw Community!

I have created a relaxing PC game called The Bricksperience. You are a minifig and build sets. There is no goal apart from completing the build. Afterwards you get rewarded with Bricksperience points which you can use to unlock new features so bigger sets won't be an everlasting challenge.

Why I post this here? Because it uses LDR files as input! There are two buttons in the miscellaneous options menu to export all the available bricks from the game as either an LDD palette or an LDR file. That way you can put in your own files and build them.

The game is currently released as version 1.2. You can get some impressions here if you don't want to download it:

And some pictures:

.jpg   3.jpg (Size: 59.21 KB / Downloads: 2)

.jpg   2.jpg (Size: 35.27 KB / Downloads: 2)

.jpg   2.1.jpg (Size: 49.72 KB / Downloads: 3)

You can download the game here:

If you decide to give it a try, I'd be very glad when you would let me know what you think! Smile
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