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Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 4 (win+linux)
A friend of mine who had no prior usage of LEGO CAD just finished his first model with LDCad 1.4 (a relatively complex Technic MOC, attached). He was very favorably impressed by ease of use and speed of virtual construction.
Among his comments:
- Lack of help bubbles (I told him about the status bar)
- Complained about lack of indication that a bin contains other bins (addressed in 1.5)
- He added a lot of empty submodels, confusing the +step icon with the +model icon (I do that too quite often). While I think there is nothing wrong with the icons themselves, maybe the "discard" button of the edit header box should delete the submodel if it's just beeing created? Speaking of this window, is there a way to make "Sync with filename" the default option?
- Lack of parts list generation
- (edit) When you hide some parts/submodels then create an export, the exported image shows all hidden stuff.

Otherwise, in 1.5 alpha 4, I can't type a space in the filter field (it does work if I pop up the search window of course), preventing me to search on several words. Don't know if this behaviour is new but I think so.

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