[MLCad 3.40] MLCad.ini vs. MLCad.grp vs. MLCAD.CFG

Re: [MLCad 3.40] MLCad.ini vs. MLCad.grp vs. MLCAD.CFG
If you still have your old files in the "MLC_Favorites.txt" format then you shouldn't need to recreate anything.

Rename (or delete) existing Favourites key in registry.
Place desired MLC_Favorites.txt file into MLCad directory.
Launch MLCad - it will detect the non-existent Favourites key in the registry, detect the "legacy" MLC_Favorites.txt file and import it to the registry into a new Favouries key.

You could just leave it at that - follow the above procedure each time you want to switch favourites - and you could even automate the deletion of the key.

But since MLCad now can't write out an updated MLC_Favorites.txt file it might be a good idea to use RegEdit's export functionality to essentially one-time convert all your old .txt files one at a time into .reg files so that it becomes easier to update these existing files and apply them.
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