Use of "LDraw" in the name of ldraw related programs.

Re: shouldn't there be more in the logo?
I suppose the logo does resemble its origins a bit too closely.

My idea was to breed the LDraw and WebGL logos to arrive at something that shouts "Look at me! I'm made of WebGL and LDraw!" but the obvious derivative-work of WebGL may land me in hot water if people start thinking that Khronos endorses me, or that I represent LDraw in any official capacity.

As for the name, I really like it, so I'll wait to hear the verdict from the SteerCo before I try to settle on an alternative, but thanks for your suggestions.

Edit: I was thinking some more about possible names if SteerCo doesn't approve, and I think I'll go with LDWeb, it's short, says what it needs to, and is easy to pronounce.

Edit 2: Fortunately when I made the logo, I made it as a hand-written SVG, so generating a new one was a piece of cake:
[Image: itsrT.png]
Not sure what I did last time to make the background transparent when I rasterized it, but oh well.
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