Introducing a second HL library?

Re: Introducing a second HL library?
Steffen Wrote:We should more focus on fixing the remaining [few!] errors in official files

What do you mean by a 'few' files?
This page presents over 700 official files to fix.

I had a look into some of the broken parts that was pointed out in this thread, and I doubt that a quick fix, only flipping bad quads and making them bfc is going to give us good parts that render well. I found gaps, missing lines and surfaces, missplaced lines and surfaces, missing cond-lines, non-primitives. Older designs, made in the early days, that don't live up to todays standards.
(These are now corrected and uploaded to PT (Minifig Robot Leg, Flippers, Minifig Lifevest and more.)

They all seem to need far more work than a program could fix. They also need the hand of a human part author with a good eye. Would a 'simple' tool correct those errors? Can LDCad do that?

I see this as yet another argument for never releasing a new part that 'needs work'. We will forever be caugth in a never ending spiral of correcting designs that should have been 'correct' at the first release.
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