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There are two different renderer algorithms at the moment:
- normal,
- for animated models.

Normal algorithm is the best renderer, while animated renderer allows animation. They will be merged in the future.

At the moment animated renderer:
- does not handle lines at all. Line mode is rendered based on triangle list (totally wrong),
- does not sort alphas.
- have other bad behaviours Smile
- ... but allows faster prototyping,
- ... and handles animation.

I am working to get this unificated, but currently I prefer to do rather some research on animation/cinematic solver. I do have no experience on it, but would love to have some "common" standard. So I have to learn, first.


Small off-topic, but maybe somebody will have anser for me: is there a documentation for ldraw.xml transformations?
I have one model in test section that seems to work, but another one is totally broken. The page I found does not anser all my questions... ;-(

And it seems reasonable to support both ldd-world and ldraw-world projects as for renderer it will make no difference.

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