LSYNTH generating additional lines

LSYNTH generating additional lines
I have nearly completed the 42008 for Eric's Technicopedia and just in progress of adding the LSYNTH. There are four different types of LSYNTH generated parts necessary: PF-Cable, Pneumatic Hoses, Rigid Hoses and a String.

Generating the LSYNTH parts is no issue. I did them one by one, but then I noticed that LDView did not load the file properly and produced a hell lot of errors. When looking into the file I had literally thousands of lines just stating a position of 0, 0, 0 and "part unknown" the file explodes form 148k to 3 megabytes.

I noticed the following:
- Even if I have a completed LSYNTH in the file, another run of LSYNTH goes over it and generates the "empty" lines
- This seem to happen only for the "PNEUMATIC HOSE BEVELED", these sections get the additional lines
- no additional lines were added to the "Hose Rigid" and the "PF Cable"

Does anybody know why this is the case?

- I use as constraints for the "Hose Rigid" only the LS01 constraint
- for the PF-Cable only the LS06
- but for the Pneumatic Beveled, I use for the start the LS01 and for the guidance the LS02 constraints.

Now I did some experiements with stand alone files, I noticed:
-> I used only the same constraints for each part
-> Each time I press "Execute LSYNTH" I get an additional set of "SYNTH SYNTHESIZED BEGIN/END" statements
-> This a bit inconvenient but does not add to the filesize significantly
-> When I do a LSYNTH for a piece having different start/end than middle pieces I get havoc.
-> The first of "Execute LSYNTH" is fine
-> each other pass of "Execute LSYNTH" produces thousands of lines with "1 4294967295 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 Unknown"

Do I have some problem in the set-up or why is LSYNTH doing this to me?

Thansk in advance

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