Argh! Pathtruder doesn't like me! :(

Pathtruder in LETGUI
PathTruder is a nasty tool to use... Wink

How do I create this result, using LETGUI?

Why is the gui in LETGUI not as good as other tools in LETGUI?
It doesn't help me understand the different settings I should use.

All the descriptions on the PathTruder page use the different commands. Like -ts, -a or -tn etc.
But LETGUI doesn't use those. It only have tick-boxes like "transition center" or "rotation angle"

And what settings are "legal" in which box? Could we have something like this: "Rotation angle (-r) 0-360[sup]o[/sup]"

I did however manage to get a similar result as Philo, but my surface is bfc-inverse. Did you flip it?
Or is that done by one of the settings I don't find?
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