Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available

Re: Official 'Getting Started - Linux' Wiki page available
Nathanel Titane Wrote:Well, I do feel kind of disappointed at the fact that all the effort I had put into detailing as much information as possible and putting it down into the Wiki, seems to have been overwritten and modified by someone else.... so much for the effort...
Nathanel Titane Wrote:Reverted to previous version of the Wiki (June 17th 2014).

Okay I'm ticked off now. You do not seem to understand how a Wiki works.

First off, it's a wiki, a community effort. Anyone can edit any page, in fact there's a clearly written footer on the edit box that reads that by making changes you agree that anyone can mercilessly edit them. The 'getting started on Linux' is not your precious page.

Second off, yes I did modify the page in an effort to make it better. I did not void anyone's work by doing so, I contributed further to the page by reformatting it to make it look professional. You started it as a community member, I edited it further as another community member. Now you in turn took and reverted all my work instead of working off the page's existing state.

You vandal.
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