New stud primitive (underside)

Re: New stud primitive (underside)
Quote:If I think this line nearly to it's end (it is not the end), then the only really necessary information is how deep a stud will go into this part. For this purpose we need only a 4-4edge maybe named "studdepth" and that needs to be placed at the coordinates that the stud can reach at maximum inside a hole.
Here you have a point. A simple 4-4edge would be indeed much more universal. Actually I like this idea a lot.
(Edit) But a single edge doesn't determine clearly stud insertion direction...
Quote:What about all the parts that do have square underside studs - we need a new primitive.
I'm afraid I've already commited this one... (stud23)!
Quote:See for this SR3D and I was told that it works great. Why not simply use that?
Precisely, SR3D uses primitives as much as possible to reduce the burden of external connectivity files.
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