LDCad 1.2 (win+linux)

Question for Linux users (was LDCad 1.2...)
I discovered an issue which could be very annoying and was wondering if any other Linux users have had the same issue on other distro's.

The issue concerns VERY slow loading of LDraw files. This is caused by the timestamps of the LDraw library folders (which seem to be stored in the complete.zip using zero date stamps)

As far I know most of the time those dates are set to today in such a case, but it seems (at least) Kubuntu 13.10 's file manager uses it literally which messes with the library change detection mechanism in LDCad.

So before I figure out a fix/workaround for this problem I would like to know if any current Linux users are experiencing the same problem?

Edit: never mind I've found a suitable solution and applied it in 1.2a
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