LDCad tutorials

LDCad tutorials
Hi all,

I've been working on and off on the next LDCad version, when released I also want to make some video tutorials so I started playing with some screen cap software.

A test clip is here:


This one also demonstrates the new nested editing feature. (it's not completely done yet, comments are welcome Wink )

My main question with this clip is are there particular things people would like to see in an example/tutorial video ?
Re: LDCad tutorials
Hi Roland,

Your software looks really good. Does it feature "auto-snap" functionality? For example if I'm moving a minifig accessory around in your editor, (e.g. a broom,) will it "auto-snap" to the minifigs hand?

On your website it says that "LDCad is completely free for non commercial use". What if I want to use it for commercial purposes? I have previously created some 3D models based on LDraw part and sold them on Turbosquid:

Keep up the good work


Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:
Re: LDCad tutorials

To be honest I never expected the software to be used in any commercial way, the main reason I limited the license to non commercial is to prevent all the extra responsibilities that come with actually selling software. This software is mend for hobby use, and the making of it is mostly my own hobby (and partly a good excuse to research some new software techniques etc).

I know this is not really an yes/no answer but I'm not ready to offer an alternative for this as yet. I have to do some research on licenses etc first, I might change the license to something wider (while remaining free/donation based) in the future.

As for the snapping, in the current stable 1.1 and upcoming 1.2 versions this is not available. You have to position stuff using the linear grid. The whole placement approach is very similar to MLCad, but it also offers some additional tools (perspective editing, relative grid, nested editing (1.2)) which make things a lot easier (IMHO).

The 1.3 version (which I'm hoping to start on in a month or two) will introduce auto part based snapping as it's main new feature. I'm targeting an public alpha or beta of 1.3 for release in December (although that might be a bit enthusiastic).
walking minifig (was: LDCad tutorials)
while checking that out I found this walking minifig animation and found it nice to watch:

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