part 62810 minifig hair

part 62810 minifig hair
This is a staple hair piece in recent sets and I really need it in leocad. It's used on Agent Chase and Fuse, Chase Mcain, several Harry Potter characters, at least one of the minifigures in the Minifigures series, and the list goes on.

Re: part 62810 minifig hair
A widely used part indeed...
[Image: 62810.png]
Re: part 62810 minifig hair
Yes, indeed.
Now I can check out this one from my to-do list. Thanks.
Re: part 62810 minifig hair
Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Now I can check out this one from my to-do list. Thanks.
I hope I have not stepped on your toes... but since this one was quickly done, it was not worth posting here before.
Review wanted (was: part 62810 minifig hair)
My toes aren't sore. I hadn't started yet...;-)

How did you make this part?
It looks to me like LDD data has been enlarged, and only the understud has been added/replaced.
One or two percent in x and z direction, and none in y direction?

I wanted this hair piece for Robin in the 2006 Batman series.
[Image: batman2006.png]
During my summer holiday I made the faces for Joker, Robin, Riddler and the Catwoman, and a shorter facemask for Catwoman.

Is the hair piece for the Joker (42444) as easy?
I've had a look at it and guess that I have to replace the whole inside neck surface.
Re: Review wanted (was: part 62810 minifig hair)
Actually what I did is a bit different. Outside of hairpiece was not changed. Main problem with LDD hairs is that edge doesn't follow LDraw head shape (different number of sides, different structure. So edge of hairpiece collides with the head, and edge line disappear at many places. Not pretty... So the first step was to select this edgeline (in MLCad, select lines, change color, move to end of file using cut and paste). Then I duplicated the edge line.

I then superposed a 4-4edge of head diameter to one edge line copy, and manually moved ends of its segments so that they were outside the 16-sided circle (actually I first enlarged the lines slightly, 2% in X-Z to minimize manual work). Using LDDP, I made a subfile of this adapted edge line, and used Unificator with "snap on subfile" to force hairpiece mesh to fit modified edge line. Actually it was not so easy, and I had to do it in two steps because distance was to big, and outside of hairpiece (that I didn't want to change, only inside) collapsed onto the line.

After that, I removed the top of inside head (painstakingly in MLCad, one triangle at a time...), added the stud, and recreated a joining surface between stud and sides of hairpiece using coverer.

After that, the shape was OK (though not perfect: in the real piece junction with stud4 is a bit different.... oh well...). Remained condlines. For hairs, I like the effect obtained by adding condlines on convex surfaces, to keep some texture even with smooth shading. For that, I isolated the inside and edge of hairpiece and created condlines (convex and concave) on that. Then on top of hairpiece, this time only convex. Reassembled everything... voila!

All in all, it took me about one hour...
42444 hair (was: part 62810 minifig hair)
42444 started (not as easy Sad
Anyone with a photo showing the stud? I don't have the part...
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