MPD files from MOCpages and Lego Digital Designer

MPD files from MOCpages and Lego Digital Designer
Does anyone know how to open MPD files in Lego Digital Designer? I'm trying to make instructions for myself about the reverse-engineered Lego Universe pets, which you can find on MOCpages under "LEGO Universe Pets" by "Brent S." I'd post a link, but the bots on the wiki think it's spam. Let me try here:

Pet Folder

[/url][url=]Paradox Alien (sample MPD at download link by bottom of page)

Everything's an MPD, though, and LDD can't open it.

(Please note I am UTTERLY new to the complexity of Digital Lego, and I’m just trying to make physical Lego Universe pets because,

1: I collect and build physical Lego, casually, though,
2: I was unable to play Lego Universe before it went offline,
3: I was unable to enter for the current bout of the Darkflame Universe revival project, 
4: I’ve been looking for nice microbuilds to pass the time and display with my Lego animals, and thought the Lego Universe pets were cool and cute enough to be perfect.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks for reading.
RE: MPD files from MOCpages and Lego Digital Designer
Nice project indeed!
It is possible to convert a MPD to be read by LDD, but (especially since you are new to it) the simplest is to use directly LDraw system (a MPD is a LDraw model file). Install the All in one installer and open your model with one of the editors provided (LDCad is highly recommended).
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