licreator 2.1.109

licreator 2.1.109
In this release i will have you opinion about measurement functionality.
You find option in MODEL menu, called as "Model Bounding Box" /A/ and "Measure Final Result" /B/.
  1. Activated by CTRL + B shortcut. Work in this same as is in LDView. Applied to main model and submodels too
  2. Applied only to main model. This is it estimated data but, give the point of view how big and how heavy will be in real world.

I Hope this works.
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Re: licreator 2.1.109
I met another problem. It's about image export. Once I tried to export instruction into image using "Generate Final Images" function, I found the parts in transparent color lose their transparency after export. I attached two photos here. One is the snapshot of parts in LIC 2.1.109 program. The parts were transparent. The other is the image exported by LIC. The parts lost the transparency and turned into pure white. Does anyone encounter the same problem?

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