Hello all,

Just wanted to share some thoughts about the current LDraw colors / LDConfig.ldr

The thing is I think we need additional 'material types' to be used with new colors.

Take for example rope, people usually use black (0) but imho it should have its own number with a 'nylon' finish just as 256 has a 'rubber' finish.

And speaking of rubber the modern pneumatic hoses in technic sets seem to use a more plastic like rubber, I think those need a different 'finish' too.

And a minor thing: Shouldn't the file use dos line breaks instead of Linux ones as dictated by the standard?

Re: LDConfig.ldr
I want to have a printed copper.
Like we have 80 for printed silver and 82 for printed gold.
There is no code for printed copper.

Yes, the format should be changed. I allways open it in good old Wordpad and click save once, without changing anything.
Then it becomes readable for a human.... ;-)
Re: LDConfig.ldr
Yes it should use DOS (CR+LF) line-endings. I'll flag to fix in the next update.

Scott Wardlaw has been the maintainer of this file in recent times, but I'm not sure how active he is here these days.

I don't have a problem with adding colours as long as it is done in a consistent and backward-compatible way.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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