[LDPatternCreator] Template Generator for Stickers on Bent Surfaces

[LDPatternCreator] Template Generator for Stickers on Bent Surfaces
As mentioned in the "wrapping" thread, and driven by Philo's step-by-step I made a small XLS generating me the template for Stickers that need to be applied on curved surfaces.

Due to the nature of the spreadsheet, the tool works only if the curve is in one direction only (e.g. Slope Curved 2 x 1, etc.) It could handle more surfaces than the 4 to 5 lines currently in the sheet. I did not tweak it further due to a lack of time and to get the Speed Champions stickers 4 to 5 surfaces are currently sufficient ;-)

Some known problems:
- The ARCCOS produces sometimes an invalid value due to the base value being greater than 1 somewhere far behind the decimal point.
- The generation of the extruded surface with the offset, i.e. Sticker shorter than the surface where it is to be applied is only implemented for 4 surfaces.

Input required:
Quads, only quads right now, and some of the clipping info that will make the sticker fit.

Two columns for LDPC templates
- one for the cuts that need to be applied (" * " needs to be changed to a Carriage Return)
- second the projection coordinates
For the part:
- the LDRAW code for the sides (Starting point for the first and last points not yet calculated)

What does it do?
- It is calculating the normals for each surface
- Calculates the middle between two normals
- Sets the correct lenght for the normals for the thickness of the sticker
- Generate the list of flat rectangles that later will wrap along the surface
- Generate the projection matrix for LDPC


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Re: [LDPatternCreator] Template Generator for Stickers on Bent Surfaces
It would help enormously if you could copy this to the wiki (integrating with Philo's HowTo - for Dummies) before it gets hidden by newer posts. Since I don't have time to dive into it right now I would appreciate much more it you could really:

Gerald Lasser Wrote:I think I should take it up as a programming exercise for my first C++ program

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