LEGO-related LDraw part integration (e.g. SBrick)

LEGO-related LDraw part integration (e.g. SBrick)
Products like Smart Brick will only grow in the future as 'the start-up culture', 3D printing and mechatronic proficiency become more widespread.

Perhaps the LDraw steering committee, and community in general, should proactively define if, how and when these LEGO-related products will be incorporated into the LDraw platform. Specifically - the process and policies for submission, integration and distribution.

Several LDraw-specific tools (e.g. BrickUtils) use the library files (official and unofficial) by download directly from, for these applications it is not straightforward to integrate custom parts such as the SBrick.

Re: LEGO-related LDraw part integration (e.g. SBrick)
Well, there are already lots of LDraw parts available for after-market products, generally they are hosted on the website of these after-market product.
- Sbrick itself:
- Hitechnic sensors for NXT/EV3, Rotacaster omniwheels, Matrix metallic parts:
- Firgelli linear actuators
...and some more here and there...
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