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    Thread: LPub3D BOM problem
Post: LPub3D BOM problem

Hi all, There we go, my first thread here. It's about LPub3D. Despite my well defined love-hate relation with LPub3D, I still can't figure out how to get a decent BOM of the instructions. Sure, one p...
Eef Vreeland General Discussion 1 1,629 2021-04-20, 19:06
    Thread: Technic 1990
Post: RE: Technic 1990

Victor Di Rienzo Wrote: (2019-04-30, 0:29) -- its impressive how good it is. congratulation. you onlyneed to click on the macro and its aligne all the pistons. here its an example with before afte...
Eef Vreeland Official Models 23 33,829 2021-04-10, 22:17
    Thread: Creator Expert
Post: RE: 10280 - Flower Bouquet

Orion Pobursky Wrote: (2021-01-07, 20:42) -- 10280 - Flower Bouquet OMR Complaint Missing: Nothing Notes: This mpd uses an unofficial part with a TEXMAP (98088p04). LDCad doesn't, yet, suppo...
Eef Vreeland Official Models 68 45,981 2021-04-10, 13:11