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Parts in progress entry - Max Martin Richter - 2012-12-19

I would really like to have a place, where the part authors can write on which part(s) they are actually working.
Maybe divided in: long term process and short term process.
This should not mean, that we should write such a message for a part that's done in a couple of hours, but ween your are working on a part for some days or weeks, it is much more frustrating, if someone else loads this part into the PT and you have "wasted" your time.


Re: Parts in progress entry - Willy Tschager - 2012-12-19

I perfectly understand you. Chris is working on a Parts Requestor System Requirements which hopefully will solve this. You just have to be patient. For now I created a new topic in the Parts Request forum which hopefully can work as a stand-in.


Re: Parts in progress entry - Max Martin Richter - 2012-12-19

I think, this is a good solution for the moment.
Thank you so much.


Re: Parts in progress entry - Michael Heidemann - 2012-12-19

I think even with this new section it can everytime happen that someone else uploads the part earlier than you.

But I also think that this is a good idea. I remember that in the old days often the question "are somebody working on..." has been asked and answered.