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First download Mac - Jean-Louis Poncet - 2012-10-12

Hello, I try the step 1 download for mac. Nothing happens. With the help link (http://www.ldraw.org/article/96), answer "not found". Small temporary outage?

Re: First download Mac - Roland Melkert - 2012-10-12

I thnik the link should be to complete.zip


Re: First download Mac - Allen Smith - 2012-10-12

Yes, Roland's link is correct. (Webmasters, please fix this.)

Please note that Bricksmith comes with a copy of the complete part library already, so many users can actually skip the "cannot be skipped" Step 1. However, I only update it when I make a release of Bricksmith, which means the copy I'm distributing is a bit old now (2011-01 instead of 2012-02).


Re: First download Mac - Tim Gould - 2012-10-12

Fixed (I think).

I think I'd prefer to 'require' people to get the latest files to avoid confusion over missing parts.


Re: First download Mac - Jean-Louis Poncet - 2012-10-13

Thank you, Bricksmith works !

Re: First download Mac - Allen Smith - 2012-10-13

For whatever it's worth, a major complaint I've heard about LDraw is that it's too complicated to get going—there's this whole constellation of independently-developed applications, and an independent part library, and they all must be made to play together manually. Many non-technical users will give up.

Obviously, the "problem" of independently-developed applications is the key strength of the system. But having to figure out how to install a part library and associate it with the editor before you can even start building is a significant and less-than-necessary obstacle. I believe it's better to reduce the friction of the first-run experience, then let the user graduate to installing the latest part library later.


Re: First download Mac - Tim Gould - 2012-10-14

Fair point.

Would it be possible for you to bundle the latest parts in like Willy does with the AIOI for Windows? That would be the ideal solution I think.

But for now I probably can't change much. Will be at a conference in Lausanne all week so my time and internet might be limited.

Tim (from Abu Dhabi airport)

Re: First download Mac - Willy Tschager - 2012-10-17

Tim Gould Wrote:Would it be possible for you to bundle the latest parts in like Willy does with the AIOI for Windows?

I strongly encourage such a solution. Just give me a ring I case you need my legal/license stuff.


Re: First download Mac - Orion Pobursky - 2012-10-17

I'm actually very interested in making something like this happen. I just need the time to research Mac installer software

Re: First download Mac - Travis Cobbs - 2012-10-17

Bricksmith is distributed in zip form. There are two zip files to choose from, one which includes the parts library as a separate folder inside the zip, and another that only includes Bricksmith itself (along with supporting and sample files). It's true that a Mac Package could be created that handles putting the files in standard locations, but most Mac apps don't do this.