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Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 can't export to povray - Travis Cobbs - 2013-01-03

I will investigate. I've never seen that problem, but I haven't personally tested POV export on Linux (32-bit or 64-bit).

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 can't export to povray - Max Martin Richter - 2013-01-03

If you want to I can try it with a kubuntu distribution.


Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 32 bits export ok, 64 bits ko - Patricia Moya Nosquera - 2013-05-26

I try again with 32 bits version export to povray runs ok.

But If I try to print ldview stop suddendly.

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 Released - Michael Horvath - 2013-12-14

Will LDView 4.1 and 4.2 beta play nicely together if they are installed at the same time? 4.2 beta freezes often so I want to avoid using it except when I really need to for now. Thanks.

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 Released - Michael Horvath - 2013-12-14

I can't remember why I decided to do this, but for L3P 1.4 beta output I do the following:

#version 3.7;

    assumed_gamma    1.0

#macro gamma_color_adjust(in_color)
    #local out_gamma = 2.2;
    #local in_color = in_color + <0,0,0,0,0>;
    color rgbft
        pow(in_color.red, out_gamma),
        pow(in_color.green, out_gamma),
        pow(in_color.blue, out_gamma),

// Floor
    plane { y, 4 hollow }
            pigment {gamma_color_adjust(<067,084,029>/255)}
            pigment {gamma_color_adjust(<040,066,018>/255)}
        finish { ambient L3Ambient diffuse L3Diffuse }
        translate <1/2,0,1/2>
        scale 640
        translate trans_amount

I have to use the gamma_color_adjust macro every time there is a color definition. It is a pain, but it works.

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 Released - Travis Cobbs - 2013-12-16

They'll work fine together, but if you have Explorer thumbnails enabled, the behavior there could be strange. I'm pretty sure the Explorer thumbnails feature will use the version of LDView that has been run most recently. So, if you run LDView 4.1 to view a model, then browse to a directory containing LDR files, Explorer will generate thumbnails using LDView 4.1. If you then run LDView 4.2 to view some other model, Explorer will then generate thumbnails using LDView 4.2.

So, if you are experiencing crashes in LDView 4.2, it might be best not to have the Explorer thumbnails feature enabled. Note that unless you know how to use regsvr32 /u, the only way to disable the thumbnails feature is to uninstall LDView. (You can then reinstall LDView with that option disabled in the installer.)

Part loading problem - Christoph Mierowski - 2013-12-29

the motor X581C01.dat don't loads right- it throws a part missing error out : x581s01.dat and x581s01.dat are missing. ( error loading submodel).
But this subpart are in my unofficial folder (in the s folder), where the X581C01.dat reference to.
So why is it not loaded correctly?
By the way SR 3D builder loads it completely.

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 - illegal characters when exporting - Michael Horvath - 2013-12-30

Some of my models have "+", "-" and similar characters in their file names. This is not a problem until you try to export them to POV-Ray, which doesn't allow them.

I'm not sure what to do in this case. Does LDView need to be modified to handle them? There should be a warning whatever the case.

Re: LDView 4.2 Beta 1 - illegal characters when exporting - Travis Cobbs - 2013-12-30

My developer code now has a big list of special characters in the POV exporter (much bigger than before). In addition to space and tab, all of the following characters will be replaced:


Re: Part loading problem - Travis Cobbs - 2013-12-30

I just downloaded x581c01.dat into my Unofficial/parts folder, and then loaded it from there. LDView automatically downloaded the subparts into Unofficial/parts/s, and the file loaded fine. When you say "unofficial folder (in the s folder)", do you mean Unofficial/parts/s? Because if you put the files elsewhere, it probably won't work.

Also, if you enable LDView's automatic download of unofficial parts, it should download the subfiles automatically (and the motor itself also, if you load a file that references it).

Are you by any chance running on Linux? Because I notice you're using capital letters in the filenames, and that might cause problems on Linux on a case-sensitive file system. However, if you let LDView download the files for you, there shouldn't be a problem.