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theJude's Most Wanted Parts - Jude Parrill - 2011-08-03

As a follow-up to this thread, I decided to create a list of parts I think are important and would like to see released officially. I intend to update this over time, removing parts that are released and adding new parts as need/want arises. I'd like to encourage others to add their own lists as well, as I'm bound to miss/forget parts and it's always good to add other perspectives to the discussion.

As a side note to the question, "Why don't you build/perfect/review them yourself?" I lack the tools and technical know-how to do this myself. I know, given enough time, I could probably figure it out, but, for me, time is always an issue. In the time it would take me to become proficient enough to be of any real use, these parts could probably have been developed, from scratch, 10 times over. It's not that I wouldn't like to contribute to the community, it's just I don't think I'll be doing it in the area of parts development.

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - Jude Parrill - 2011-08-03

Editing this post since my one above now contains my list. I may repurpose this post for something else soon, but for now I'll just delete out the stuff that's either been released or is in my list above and keep the rest as a reminder to myself to deal with later.

x51px1 - Minifig, Head Modified Wookiee, Chewbacca
bb453 - Minifig, Head Modified Trandoshan
x116 - Minifig, Head Modified Gungan Type 1
x903px1 - Minifig, Head Modified Greedo
44757 - Minifig, Head Modified Gamorrean with Armor
x52 - Minifig, Headgear Helmet SW Scout Trooper

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - johanmark - 2011-08-04

I belive your idea is good. Personally, I´m very interested in minifigs, so the parts i miss are related with them:

[Image: 95674pb01.jpg] Minifig Bowler hat - 95674
[Image: 90307pb01.jpg] Minifig Mexican Sombrero - 90307
[Image: 64452pb01c01.jpg] Animal Cow - 64452
[Image: camel.jpg] Animal Camel
[Image: 6021.jpg] Boat Canoe - 6021
[Image: tentiaj.jpg] Cloth Tent
[Image: x172px1.jpg] Cloth Tepee Cover - x172
[Image: 90392.jpg] Headgear Helmet Spartan Warrior - 90392
[Image: x79.gif] Headgear Hood Farmer's Cowl - x79

let's not extend the wishlist here - Steffen - 2011-08-06

posting individual wishlists here will quickly create a big pile of lists which are not related to each other.

Instead, I suggest to create a central wishlist, with a vote feature:
I suggest to continue the discussion here:

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - Steffen - 2011-12-27

can this thread please be relocated to

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-01-22

johanmark Wrote:Headgear Hood Farmer's Cowl - x79
Now on PT... [Image: 4505a.png]

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - johanmark - 2012-01-23

Philo, thank you very much for your work. You´re the best.

Re: theJude's Most Wanted Parts - Jude Parrill - 2012-01-27

Hey, I've been working on some Star Wars sets recently and was wondering if anybody would like to take a crack at a couple of Minifig parts that I could really use:

From numerous TIE sets (and to go with the recently released TIE Pilot Helmet):

From the 7110 Landspeeder set (and others):

Re: Wookiee, was [theJude's Most Wanted Parts] - Philippe Hurbain - 2012-02-06

[Image: 30483.png][Image: 30483p01.png]

Re: Wookiee, was [theJude's Most Wanted Parts] - Christoph Mierowski - 2012-02-06

Very nice!
- How did you make it? I didn't found it in LDD... so did you use a 3D-scanner or is it your mastery of all the technique of part building...

just curious...