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30305c01 Rock Monster (Rock Raiders) - Thom Kok - 2020-05-16

Hi everyone!

I see 30305c01 does not exist yet on LDraw. Apperently the right arm is rotatable. Is someone interested in creating this part?


[Image: s-l640.jpg]

[Image: ZrmDxev.jpg]

[Image: 1c5xCnq.jpg]

[Image: q4HHNts.jpg]

[Image: c2Ka9vl.jpg]

[Image: HRsfYeo.png][Image: F1krRia.jpg]
Sorry I was not able to find a better picture for the bottom of this part. I hope it is still possible to make this part.

I do not have this lego part, but if you have questions, ask me.