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Full Version: [Attn Chris] Transition of primitive reference
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Hi Chris,

As Orion mentioned elsewhere this article seems to be outside the webmasters control. Which is fine but means we will need to come up with a solution to migrate it to the new site.

If it is merely a static file then that is straightforward. If not we might have some hassle.

It is static content (i.e. no on-the-fly HTML generation), but I do update it in step with each Parts Update. If the webmasters want to take control of it, please feel free to do so, but please also give some assurances that it will be updated it within a few days of a Parts Update, which is what the part author community has been accustomed to. That would include adding new members of existing primitive classes as well as adding text to explain new primitive classes. I'm also OK if you want to re-style it or re-organise the content.

It currently makes heavy use of SSI (only include, not exec) to ease the maintenance burden, but that doesn't necessarily mean the maintenance would be harder in the new CMS.
Hi Chris,

It probably makes most sense for you to keep in charge of it. Certainly I was expecting that to remain unchanged.

I was more worried that there was something automated going on that would make life difficult. If not it's just a matter of tagging and formatting the whole thing. Which will take some time to do right. And possibly we could replace the SSI by tag fragments.

I've got minimal time to do this right now but I'll look into it when work gets a bit less busy.