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Full Version: Should "Part Alias" files be listed in parts.lst
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Quote:Sadly I will not be able to exclude all the aliases from my parts.lst
because I will then not be able to open models using them.
Not having a part in parts.lst doesn't prevent opening model and seeing the part, it just doesn't show in the ready to add parts lists. The only drawback I know is with LPub that doesn't show parts - or even complains about them.
ah, thanks for pointing that out.
As the Alias parts on the PT has now got the "=" prefix I think we should also talk about the files that are already in our library. I extended LDFind a little bit to get the result to this question. Please have a look at the attached file. It is generated by LDFind.

At present we have 75 files in our library with the qualifier Alias. Should they all be recycled?

If yes, who cares about that?

So we should be quickly up to date with our library in that item I think.
Yes, they should be recycled and fast-track reviewed. That in on my ToDo list to be done before the next Parts Update.
Thanks Chris for your fast answer.

So your answers to my question is YES, recycle, Chris cares about that Smile fine.

Thanks a lot for your efforts to the community.
I care about it and will take care of it.
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