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Full Version: Should "Part Alias" files be listed in parts.lst
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I try to avoid them due to their special meaning in URLs.
I cannot imagine of a usecase where a part title (that's what we're talking about here)
is being used as a URL. A part _number_ would be something different,
but we're talking here about the first title line of part files.
True, but can we really guess what web-interface we might want in the future? If we have a choice of characters and no special reason for using "#", I'd still rather avoid it. Personally, I like ">", too.
Yes, but using > will also not work in URLs I think, because much existing software will not treat
it as part of the URL - example:

<a href=http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/coolquery.pl?someparttitle>my link</a>
Doh!! You are right.
Actually since the href attribute should be quoted (reference here), surely this will be OK:
<a href="http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/coolquery.cgi?someparttitle=>my link"></a>.
I think we should keep the different kind of aliases of a part, away from each other.

I want to see which partnumber to use for transparent parts.
"54200 is used for moulding opaque parts, 50746 for transparent parts." from the alias file 50746.dat
When searching for this part I today find:
"54200.dat / Slope Brick 31 1 x 1 x 2/3"
"50746.dat / Slope Brick 31 1 x 1 x 2/3"
Nothing tells me which part is the transparent one, and I don't want them hidden among the "Physical Colour" files.

I use MLCad and have moved all "Physical Colour"-parts to a "bin" by searching for "parts beginning with _" in my mlcad.grp-file.
Don't mix transparent parts with physical colour parts.

How many aliases can a part have?
Take this one, for example: 3626bp82.dat
Also known as 50003.dat (Design ID), and should also have a seven digit alias, ???????.dat ( Element ID)
I now agree that we should not mix aliases with physical colour parts any more than we should mix them with "core" parts, that's why I'd like to reach a conclusion on the title prefix to be used for Aliases.

Parts may have mutliple aliases, due to a combination of the opaque/transparent mould phenomenon, LEGO part numbering evolution and our desire to group patterned parts with their pain version using pNN suffices. In the case of 3626bp82 (which is what prompted this discussion), 50003.dat would be an alias. The 7-digit element ID (if/when we know it) would be a Physical Colour file. There are many examples of more than one 7-digit number for the same colour, possible indicating the LEGO has just as much trouble understanding their colour palette then as we do.
I agree, and your contribution makes me also want to have a title prefix for aliases,
so I'm able to quickly/easily sort them out e.g. in MLCad's part tree
I'm currently adding Orion's Architecture models the AIOI and the aliases for Tile 1x1, Panel 1x2, ... he used are a real pain in the ass. I didn't install any alias and physical part to see what would happen to the models just with the core installed and the warnings in MLCad are literally driving me crazy - beside the replace job once I've got the list of aliases use. Please "hide" them as soon as possible so people don't get tempt to mix them in a model.

Aliases are created the way they are to "transparently" (sic) refer to the main part. If a tool author decides to "warn" the user about a singular reference, I believe the usability issue lies with the tool, not the library. Why does MLCad even care? How does it know - from the LDRAW_ORG line, or because the file contains just one type 1 line?
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