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Full Version: I think links should look different than plain underlined text
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Entirely a personal preference thing, but I find it somewhat bothersome that what looks like emphasis is sometimes a link and vice versa.

Might I suggest making links a different color than normal text, even if just slightly so as a dark grey or something keeping with the style so far. I don't think I would go all-out and make them blue, just something (perhaps minimal) to distinguish them.

It's entirely a personal preference/stylistic thing, but functionality wise I believe a visitor should be able to tell whether or not something is a link without mouseovering it.
good point, I am agreeing.

I as well would very much like to have a different color for links, please...

And, remember, there's a second color for links you've already visited, that's also something I'd like to have, please.
I agree too. Unfortunately I don't know/can't get to the CSS to change this but I'm sure Orion will as soon as he sees it.

Color suggestions?

I could just use the colors from the beta site.
It depends. I remember some talk from a while ago about theming phorum to look like the main LDraw site, and I think the consensus was that it would be best to wait first to see what the new site would finally look like. Now that we have a pretty good idea, is there still support for having a universal "LDraw Look" beyond just the logo?
Yes. At some point, after the beta site goes live (and would therefore no longer be the beta site), we'll transition the forums to look similar.
for now it just would be sufficient to use the "classic" link colors blue and purple
for new resp. visited links.
can easily be changed later.
This is now implemented.
Great. Thanks!

EDIT: Not to be pickey... but it's still black underlined text in the print view css.

EDIT 2: As pointed out by Tim, black a good thing in this case, but I still believe some visual differentiator would be nice (like the dotted underline).
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